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cast aluminium expert
  • Donald Eckley, President
  • Keystone Systems
  • Pennsylvania, US

Top ten in the world...

Ray Bignell is probably one of the ten most knowledgeable people in the world in the area of hard alloy casting, set-up and control

I first met and worked with Ray in 1992 during the commissioning of our Least Cost Charge Optimization Software at Alcan Plate. I was privileged to work with Ray during this implementation. Ray was quick to realise that by redesigning their scrap material warehouse with row and columns clearly marked, and with a modification to our Optimization software, that Alcan could obtain an optimum Least Cost Charge and never require the operator to move material to get to another lot of material. These two ideas ensured that all follow-up charges would always select materials that were next in line. These changes helped the charge program prepare charges that were on-spec the first time. The results enabled Alcan to increase their on-spec first time charges from 5%, before the system was installed to over 98%, thus providing a tremendous increase to the overall production throughput. Rays ideas were carried forward to a second Alcan plant and it also realized the same improvements. If they ever have a problem solving quiz show, I am certain that Ray would become the all-time champion of the show.